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Semiconductors are materials which have a conductivity between conductors (generally metals) and non-conductors or insulators (such as ceramics). Semiconductors can be compounds, such as gallium arsenide, or pure elements, such as germanium or silicon..

Semiconductors can conduct electricity under preferable conditions or circumstances. This unique property makes it an excellent material to conduct electricity in a controlled manner as required.

Unlike conductors, the charge carriers in semiconductors arise only because of external energy (thermal agitation). It causes a certain number of Valence to cross the energy gap and jump into the conduction band, leaving an equal

amount of unoccupied energy states, i.e., holes. The conduction due to electrons and holes is equally important.

Silicon Semiconductors have been the backbone of the electronics revolution from 1960s. Being a single element from the periodic table, Silicon has a limited set of properties. Compound Semiconductors have superior properties to Silicon enabling many new and innovative technologies and devices such as.

  • Power (power electronics for electric vehicles)
  • Speed (radio frequency for 5G and RADAR)
  • Light (photonics for optical fibre communications)

Compound semiconductors are a complex combination of different elements from the periodic table each with unique properties such as Indium (In), Gallium (Ga), Aluminium (Al), Nitrogen (N), Arsenic (As) and Phosphorous (P).

Compound Semiconductors are essential materials to modern and novel technologies such as 5G, driverless cars, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Compound semiconductors are at heart of the high-tech devices we use today, from smartphones and tablets to satellite communications and GPS. The advent

of the internet, fibre-optic communication and the smartphone revolution have been fundamentally dependent on compound semiconductor technologies.

Compound Semiconductors are a key economic growth driver for any economic growth strategy and Polymatech is perfectly aimed and positioned itself in the growth strategy of Bharat.

Having Polymatech’s own cutting-edge technology in its world class facilities that help “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” Polymatech has positioned ifself as “guru” (Cardinal) of “Compound Semiconductor’s.

Polymatech’s significant R&D technologies developed through large scale mass production.


Polymatech makes human life, simple – beautiful – lively – colorful – and vibrant.

Design Centre

Polymatech has technology partners in Great Britain, Finland, Japan and the United States of America.

Empowered Employees

At Polymatech, we believe that innovations happen only when our people are empowered to do their specific tasks. Thus, we provide complete freedom and support to our Ambitians to come out with innovative ideas adding value to the products.


Beyond Horizons: A Showcase of Innovation


Our Chips Transforming Every Sector


Assisted driving and autonomous vehicles. Connectivity. Electrification.

Polymatech & The Automotive Industry

Assisted driving and autonomous vehicles. Connectivity. Electrification. These are just some of the trends affecting the automotive industry and the user driving experience.

As vehicles get progressively more complex, the need for semiconductor innovation to make these trends reality, and then take them to the next level, is growing in parallel.

Smart Mobile Devices

5G is the force changing the future of mobility.

Changing the future of mobility

Polymatech 5G leadership is helping customers and partners fast track this future with an end-to-end portfolio of performance, power and area-optimized solutions designed to take the mobility experience to new levels.

Polymatech collaborates with forward-thinking visionaries to make fast, seamless and reliable mobile connectivity and richer experiences a reality for consumers—connectivity and experiences that bring the world to their fingertips, all the time and from anywhere.

Personal Computing

The unprecedented growth in the volume of data created, moved, replicated and store is being fueled by the coalescence of 5G, IoT, AI and increasing real-time analytics requirements.


Pervasive connectivity and the breakneck speed of data growth has led to significant memory and power bottlenecks. The combination of the need for even more speed, low-power but powerful processing at the edge and AI going mainstream is fueling new levels of semiconductor innovation.

Home and Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT is built on a foundation of power conversion and motor control.

Home IoT

Consumer demand for—and reliance on—smarter, feature-rich connected IoT devices continues to grow, with 5G and the broader coverage and transformational user experiences it promises poised to fuel still more demand. With that demand, however, comes the challenge of delivering increasingly complex IoT devices while reducing the cost and power consumption.

Industrial IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already impacting consumers’ everyday lives, but industry will see even more dramatic affects. From agriculture to manufacturing, industrial IoT applications, made possible by pervasive, intelligent connectivity—and enhanced by 5G deployments and AI at the edge—are leading the way in the world’s ongoing digital transformation.

Communications Infrastructure & Datacenter

Industry’s only Foundry with in-house mmWave test capabilities.

Cellular Infrastructure and SATCOMs

Polymatech is enabling 5G to live up to its hype with wireless network solutions that deliver the latency, speed and reliability customers can harness in the future-ready cellular base station and satellite communications (SATCOM) hardware—and that are essential for making immersive user experiences and industry transformation a reality. These Polymatech are helping customers navigate 5G complexity challenges and rollout pressures, while minimizing CAPEX and OPEX expenditures, through a combination of application-optimized features and specialized RF post-fab turnkey services that build on our decades of RF expertise.

Wired Connectivity

Massive volumes of data mean stressed networks. Polymatech for optical communications and wired infrastructure provide higher bandwidth between data center servers and faster connections throughout the telecommunication infrastructure.